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Make Moving Easy

We know moving to a new home can be stressful for most people, but there are some steps you can take to minimize this anxiety. By utilizing the steps below, you can worry less about the moving hassles, and look forward to this exciting change and all the new memories you will create in your new home!

1. Plan Ahead

So, you just bought a new home, and your closing date is approaching. Two or three months may seem like a long time to get everything done before the big day, but it will be here before you know it. If you need to hire movers, start shopping for a reputable mover right away. Giving plenty of notice will ensure that they will be available on the days you need them, plus it is way more stressful trying to book a mover at the last minute!

2. Make A List

To stay organized and on top of things, making a list can come in handy. Maybe you’ll be watching TV and something will come to mind that you need to get done before moving day – write it down! If you assume you’ll just remember everything, you will end up forgetting some of it and this will cause you even more stress during the move. Making lists is a good way to remember tasks and cause you less stress of trying to remember everything last minute.

3. Be Organized

When packing the house to move, be organized. It may take a little longer to properly label boxes and make sure everything is packed correctly, but it will save you stress when you get to your new home. If you just throw everything into a box, tape it up, and throw it on the truck, you will have no idea where to find anything when it gets to the other side. Take the time to properly label everything. Pack room by room instead of starting multiple rooms at once.

4. Declutter

Nothing is worse than spending all that time and energy moving a ton of stuff that when you unpack you say “Do I really need this?” It is better to declutter before the big move, plus it is that much less that you need to transport – saving you both time and money! If the items are in good condition, consider donating them or selling them online. You may even make a little bit of extra money!

5. Treat Yourself

Moving is stressful and requires a bunch of time and effort. Remember to eat and sleep properly, and take time to do the things you love! Moving can wait until after that run, or after you watch that movie. Taking the time to take care of yourself will relax you and allow you to more effectively focus on the moving tasks when the time comes again.

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