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Guide to Hosting Texans' Watch Party

Football season is in full swing and nothing is more fun than having your friends/family over for a football watch party. Here are some easy tips on how to throw the ultimate Texans' watch party in your home!


Decorate for the occasion. Here are some great ideas to spruce up your place for your Texan’s watch party.

  • Utensils and Plates – This can be as simple as just buying the Texans' colors (Red and Navy Blue) plates/cups. To go all out you can find plates with the Houston Texan’s logo on it or have cups that look like footballs.
  • Changeable letter board – You can place this anywhere in your home that you feel needs a little extra love. Here are some ideas for what your letterboard could say:
    1. Huddle around for the snacks
    2. Ready, Set, Eat
    3. Go Texans
    4. Weekend Forecast: 100 Percent chance of Texans football
  • Tablecloth – You can put a plastic “football field” decorated tablecloth or pick a solid color that matches the Texan’s colors for your serving table/counter.


Once you have determined the final guest list, you can determine how much food and drinks you will need.

  1. Appetizers – A classic appetizer that will be a fan favorite, would be chips and dip – queso, salsa, or spinach and artichoke dip. You can also buy other types of chips so your guests have other options to choose from like BBQ, salt & vinegar, or sour cream & onion. Putting bowls with pretzels, nuts or popcorn is also a great snack for your guests.
  2. Finger Food – sandwich platters, sliders, wings, or pizza are all good food options that are easy to serve and not too messy. You can also fire up the grill to make hot dogs or burgers but make sure to prepare in advance so you’re not missing kick off.
  3. Drink Station – You can store your beverage 2 ways: beverage bucket with ice or a cooler. Either way, you want to make sure everyone can see what options are available and make it easy for your guests to make a drink. If you have adult beverages, make sure to separate them so they are not easily accessible to children.

Set Up

When setting up, make sure you have plenty of seating around your TV so everyone can watch the game comfortably. Setting multiple trashcans around the area so guests can easily dispose of their plates, utensils, cups, or other items will make cleaning up easier.

Make sure to have a designated area for serving food and beverages that is not too far from the TV so if guests want to grab a quick snack/drink they will not miss too much of the game. Be sure to set put your beverages on ice 1-1 ½ hours before guests should arrive so beverages are chilled.

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