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How Often Should I Change My Air Filter(s)?

This is a common question most new homeowners have as they’ve never had to think about this. It’s a general recommendation that you should change your air filter in your home every 3 months. However, there are many other factors that will contribute to the longevity of your air filter.

  • Type of Filter used
Follow the instructions included with your filter for more detailed guidance
on the recommended changing schedule

Type of Filter



Fiberglass Filter

Lower Cost Option

About every 30 days

Pleated Air Filter

Higher Quality

3-6 Months

  • Home Size
    if you live in a “smaller home” your AC and Furnace pumps less air for the same amount of temperature change which could mean fewer filter changes. However, if you have a smaller appliance used to cool the space, it probably means you have a smaller filter which means you’d need to change it more frequently
  • Air Quality
    if you have poor air quality outside, you’ll need to replace your air filter more frequently as your outside air affects your inside air
  • Pets
    Household pets can shed and track dirt inside the home easily. Because of this, you’ll need to change the air filters more frequently to keep the air clean of pet air and dander
  • Allergies/Medical Conditions
    If you have severe allergies or medical conditions like asthma or other respiratory conditions, you can consider changing your air filters more frequently


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