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What Moms Look For In A New Home

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are taking a look at what Moms look for when building a new home. Of course, things like location, safety, and school district play a major role in the homebuilding process for families, but configuration of the home is also a biggie.

Most young families prefer things like open-concept, single story homes. One story homes are popular with mothers of young children because it’s easier (and safer!) to carry a baby around a single-story home, than up a flight of stairs. One of our most popular single-story homes is the Madison floorplan!

On the other hand, mothers with older children prefer a floor plan that has a first story Master Bedroom and the secondary bedrooms upstairs. This type of floor plan is ideal for a little extra privacy for both children, and parents! Check out our Reagan floorplan if you’re looking for this type of extra privacy for you and your family.

A large laundry room, or a “mud room” are usually high on a mother’s wish list! Children like to play outside and get dirty in the process. Having a separate entrance for them to take their shoes off and throw their clothes right into the laundry without having to come through the house – that is ideal. The Hayes floorplan offers a laundry room right off the garage, perfect for those messy play dates!

If you’re an outdoorsy mom with active children, and you’re looking for a backyard large enough for a pool, building an extended patio, or just space to run around with the kiddos, an acreage homesite is calling your name! We currently build in 2 acreage communities - Encino Estates and Kickapoo Preserve.

STORAGE! This has to be by far the #1 thing mothers can never get enough of. Children come with a lot of extra things such as clothes, toys, shoes, school supplies, etc. Having that extra storage really comes in handy so there isn’t clutter all over the home. Good news is – almost every one of our floorplans comes with large closets, laundry rooms, and the option to add a 2.5 or 3 car garage for those extra boxes you don’t want to keep inside.

View all move-in ready homes here, and contact us today if you’re looking for a new home to make life as a mom just a little bit easier!

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