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Keep Your Electric Costs Low During The Summer

It's no surprise that Texas Summers can be pretty brutal, causing electric bills to skyrocket. If you are trying to cut down costs at home, here are some simple energy saving techniques you can implemeny to help out.

1. Turn Off Lights And Electronics

The most obvious one. When you leave the room, turn your lights out. If you aren't watching the TV, turn it off. Unplugging appliances such as coffee pots, toasted ovens, or even cell phone charger can help lower your bill as well. They use more power than we realize!

2. Spend Time Outdoors

Using summer as a time to enjoy the outdoors is another way to cut down on the power you're using at home. If you're not home, you won't be watching TV or turning the AC on. You'll also be having fun going to the beach, the park, shopping, etc.

3. Close Blinds and Shades

Sunlight coming through the window can heat a room up quickly, and cause the AC to have to work harder to cool it back down. Many stores sell curtains specifically made to keep the light and heat from coming through the window.

4. Use Fans Instead of AC

Turning on ceiling fans will help the circulation in the home, causing the AC to not have to turn on as frequently. On your central AC unit, turn the fan option on "auto". Using fans at night will help a natural breeze to cool down your home so you won't need the AC then.

5. Set Your Thermostat Efficiently

The smaller the gap between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your bill. Leaving your AC on 76-78, and turning fans on use a lot less electric, than having your AC unit set to 70 degrees. Do not place appliances that give off heat, such as lamps or TVs, near your AC Thermostat.

Guardian Certification Program

First America Homes is happy to be a part of the Guardian Certification Program. This is included in every home we build at no extra cost to you! Guardian Certification is the assurance that your new home is meets or exceeds the industry's most rigorous standards for energy efficiency. Your energy bills will be lower due to this as well!

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