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Little Free Libraries in Dayton, TX

Little red and white boxes have been popping up in all parks in the Dayton, TX area. My Little Libraries have been placed around the city of Dayton to help encourage children and adults to do more reading. The process is simple, you bring a book and take a book.

The concept originated in 2009 in Hudson, Wisconsin when Todd Bol built a wooded box, in honor of his mother’s career as an educator. He placed the box in his front yard and filled it with books. The idea spread and in 2012, Little Free Library incorporated as a non-profit. By 2016, there were over 36,000 Little Free Libraries across the globe.

Dayton has been able to add their first 5 Little Libraries thanks to the fourth grade reading teacher at Galena Park Elementary, Lynzi Montemayor. Montemayor has lived in the city of Dayton for about one year.

To learn more about the City of Dayton and My Little Libraries, visit

City of Dayton Little Library

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