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What To Expect When Building A New Home

A lot of people are afraid of new construction homes because they believe it’s not an affordable option, but it is actually very doable! Here is a list of things to expect when building a new home.

1. Know Your Budget

This is the FIRST thing you need to tackle on the beginning of you house hunt. You need to know how much you can/want to spend before you even begin looking. Come up with a monthly payment that you feel comfortable with, how much of a down payment you have, etc. There are numerous online mortgage calculators that can help you figure out how much of a house you can afford. There are other expenses not figured into the mortgage range including property taxes, Homeowners insurance and HOA fees. So always assume an extra $400-$500 to give yourself some additional wiggle room.

2. Pick a Floor Plan that gives you some wiggle room in pricing

If you have a budget of $250,000, you don’t want to choose a floor plan that starts at $249,990. We have floorplans in almost every price point (from the $160s to the $350s), so choose the perfect home for you and your family that meets all your needs, including your budget. You should try to keep your home at around $10,000 below your budget so you can afford to add some upgrades as well!

3. Don’t Go Crazy On Upgrades

Speaking of upgrades, don’t go crazy when at the Design Center! A lot of times, it’s less expensive to add that extra ceiling fan or granite in the bathrooms after you are already closed on the home. Always have the builder do structural changes however. If you’re wanted to get an extended covered patio, or add a third car garage, those are the upgrades the builder should be doing.

4. Be patient

It usually takes about 4-5 months to complete the home building process. Throughout the process, you will have walk-throughs scheduled with the sales and construction managers. They can answer all your questions and concerns during these appointments. If you’re looking for something quicker, view our move-in ready homes here!

5. Closing Day!

The hard part is over, you have already found your dream home and waited for it to be built! Now, the paperwork must be done, and then you can officially move-in. You’ll want to bring all your paper work including proof of homeowner’s insurance, a copy of your contract, and anything else the bank requires to approve your loan. You will also have to bring your down payment and all closing costs, which you’ll know ahead of time how much that will be.

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