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Easy Garage Organization

A vehicle is a pretty big investment, so why leave it outdoors where it can be hit with bad weather, bird droppings and UV exposure? Plus, we live in Texas, and it is never fun getting into a hot car when it’s 100 degrees outside!

Surveys show that only about 30% of people use their garages for actually storing their cars due to having too much stuff and not enough storage.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep your garage organized, and maybe you can even start using it for the cars!

1.What Not To Store

For starters, a lot of people don’t know what should and shouldn’t be stored in a garage. Cleaning out the things that don’t do well and extreme cold and heat is one way to clean up some room. Some things you should never leave in a garage are:

  1. Paint – extreme cold or heat can ruin it
  2. Propane – bring it to the backyard. It should always be kept outdoors!
  3. Paper good – a magnet for roaches and other bugs
  4. Refrigerator – a huge electricity drain in spaces that are not air-conditioned
  5. Food – possums and other critters can sniff it out

2. Begin Organizing

After cleaning out those last items, now it’s time to start the organizing. Start by separating your items into a few different groups:

  1. Seasonal and rarely used items should be stored in the hardest-to-reach places
  2. Gardening tools and lawn chemicals should be stored close to one another
  3. Put bulk items, like lawn mowers, in the corner where they won’t be bumped by your car.
  4. Place frequently used items, like bikes, closest to the garage door.

3. Tips for a clutter-free garage

  1. Keep as much OFF the floor as possible. Utilize shelving units or cabinets to store your items. Open shelves are usually cheaper and must easier to access than a cabinet with doors. Plus, if it has doors, it gives you an excuse to not be organized behind them!
  2. Use overhead space wisely – the ceiling is great for hanging stuff you don’t use every day such as ladders, kayaks, and even bicycles. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your garage door opener, and won’t scrape the roof of your car!

4. Must-haves

  1. Stackable, clear plastic bins with lids
  2. A lockable cabinet for stuff you don’t want the kids to get into, like pesticides and other lawn chemicals.

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