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HomeAid partners with First America Homes on Promise House project in Humble

Source: Houston Chronicle

HomeAid Houston and builder captain First America Homes, the home building division of the Signorelli Company, are partnering on an upcoming construction project for Family Promise of Lake Houston (FPLH).

The project is a day center called Promise House, in Humble, that will provide counseling and administrative offices, locker rooms, bath facilities, a family room, kitchen, a child’s playroom and a dining room and library. Families facing homelessness in north Houston will be utilizing the new facility to help stabilize their daily lives with the help of FPLH. The day center is designed with a home-like setting to help instill a feeling of security and encouragement. Promise House is a 4,224-square-foot plan that will replace the existing FPLH offices and will double its current capacity.

“The team of HomeAid, First America Homes and Family Promise of Lake Houston has been working hard to get everything required to make this project happen,” said Patrick Mayhan, president of HomeAid. “Several deserving families in the Humble area will have the opportunity to discover a new path in their journey toward a better life. We can’t thank First America Homes enough for making this happen.”

Families receiving assistance from FPLH are reeling from a variety of crisis situations. A recent client at FPLH is serving the needs of a family of four children, a mother and a husband who is a veteran and who had been injured at his job. The children ages are 11 months to 8 years old.

“When I met James and Cristal, I discovered that the father’s eye had been injured in Iraq due to shrapnel. He returned to the US and was able to get work at a sheet metal company until he injured his good eye after an accident on the job. His company did not have workman’s comp insurance,” said Carole Brady, executive director of FPLH.

A maze of misdirection through bureaucracy led to a long period of no work and no income. “The first thing the father told me when we met at FPLH was, ‘I want to take care of my family, can you help me?’”

James and Cristal were model clients. They completed all of the required classes, Cristal found work, and also started college part time to become a nurse. James worked hard to re-start his benefits and their children are thriving.

Additional funders to the project include The William Stamps Farish Fund, Albemarle Foundation, Ascentium Capital and Avis Charitable Foundation.

HomeAid has been building transitional housing for homeless care agencies throughout Houston and surrounding counties since 2003. The first shelter was dedicated in 2005. Since then, 50 projects have been completed, adding more than 437 beds and 12.6 million dollars in real estate construction and improvements to Houston’s homeless community. Annually, HomeAid’s projects serve more than 5,000 homeless men, women, children and veterans in Houston.

For more information about HomeAid Houston visit or call 281-970-8970.


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