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Tips for Storage Organization

Want to get organized in your new home but not sure where to start? Here are some creative ways to organize your essentials to help you maximize space in different areas of your home!


File organizer for your baking sheets/pans – Instead of stacking your backing sheets or pans on top of each other use a file stacking sorter to organize them. The best file sorter would be one that has a flat bottom so you can put the “bottom” on the side of your cabinets. For bigger pots, you will want to find a file sorter that has more room in between each sorter.

Trash bags on a roll – to save room under the sink you can hang your trash bags on a roll. This is an easy DIY by using ¾” curtain rod brackets (you need 2). 5/8 Wooden Dowel (buy the length you desire). You can spray paint them any color you want or keep the wood finish. Screw the Curtain rod brackets into your cabinet wall.  Insert the wooden dowels through the center of the trash bag rolls (might take some patience but they will go through). Set dowel inside the brackets.


Magnetic Strip – Bobby pins and metal tweezers can be tough to store as they are so small and can be easily lost. Inside your cabinet add a magnetic strip. Be sure to add the magnetic strip on the cabinet door so that the door can still close with the items placed on the magnet.

Tension Rod or over the cabinet organizer – if you need more room under your sink, you can add a tension rod. You can hang your spray bottles or air fresheners on it to save more room. Another option would be to use an over the cabinet organizer that you can hang on the cabinet door.


Storage bins for under the bed – try using a storage bin that has a low profile so it can fit under the bed easily. You can put extra shoes or clothes in it. Depending on what you prefer and if you can see under the bed you can buy cloth ones or plastic ones.

Buying a bed that has storage – if you know you are going to be tight on space try looking for a bed that comes with storage features.

Decorative Storage Boxes - if you have random items or charing cords in your bedroom that you're not sure what to do with, putting them in a decorative box is a great way to hide them while still being in an arms reach. 

A great question to ask yourself when you're re-organizing is, "When was the last time that I used this?" If you can't remember the last time or it's been over a year, chances are you don't need it. 

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